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Measure B is a measure on the Ballot for November 2020 to replace the current Community Review Board on Police Practices with an independent Commission to bring public trust to the way SDPD is held accountable. This commission if passed, would be created and controlled by the people, not politicians and not definitely the system which it holds accountable.


If passed, the New Commission will:


  1. Conduct independent investigations into complaints of police misconduct that San Diegans can trust.

The new Commission will be required to use independent investigators not affiliated with SDPD. The current system is limited to only reviewing investigations conducted by the Internal Affairs Department of SDPD.


  1. Require independent legal counsel with NO conflicts.

The current system relies on the City Attorney for advice and representation, but the City Attorney also advises and represents the Mayor and the SDPD.


  1. Subpoena law enforcement and non-law enforcement witnesses and their records as part of any investigation.

The current system depends on information passed on by law enforcement and offers no subpoena power for the public to discover the truth themselves.


  1. Investigate cases like domestic violence by law enforcement.

The current system does not serve partners of police officers, who far too often fall through the cracks when they become victims of abuse.


  1. Require evaluation of SDPD's compliance with Federal, State, and Local reporting laws and requirements.

The current system does not require the transparency necessary for the public to trust that SDPD complies with laws meant to protect the public from harm.


  1. Create a fair and balanced commission.

The new Commission will have its own staff, policies and procedures to guarantee an independent, transparent, and trustworthy process for police accountability. The current system is vulnerable to political whims because it is run by the Mayor, who also oversees the SDPD, and has received campaign support from the Police Officer’s Association. Ordinary people do not feel that their communities are heard or that the current process can be trusted.



This measure will overall benefit the City of San Diego by:

  • Decreasing the potential of police misconduct, officer involved shootings, and in-custody deaths.

  • Restore the public's trust in the SDPD which will strengthen recruitment among communities of color and create a more diverse police force which actually represents the communities they serve.

  • Save the City money by reducing the amount of confrontations that result in litigation against the City by reducing the cost of settlements and legal awards agreed to by the City. These money and resources can be put into the communities for programs that keep the people and our communities safe.

  • Create a safer San Diego for all people and lead as a model for police accountability in the other cities within San Diego County.

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